Mirabel Pelton

Institution: Centre for Innovative Research Across the Life Course, Coventry University.

Supervisory team: Dr Sarah Cassidy, Dr Ashley Robertson, Dr Jacqui Rodgers, Dr Hayley Crawford.

Position: PhD Student.

Current research: I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of suicidal thoughts and behaviours amongst autistic people.

Research interests:

  • Suicide in autism spectrum conditions
  • The influence of autistic characteristics in mental health and suicide outcomes in other populations
  • The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide
  • The overlap between autism and psychosis

Recent Publications:

  • Pelton, M. K., & Cassidy, S. A. (2017). Are autistic traits associated with suicidality? A test of the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide in a non-clinical young adult sample.Autism Research, 10(11), 1891-1904.
  • Upthegrove, R., Abu-Akel, A., Chisholm, K., Lin, A., Zahid, S., Pelton, M., Wood, S. J. (2018). Autism and psychosis: Clinical implications for depression and suicide. Schizophrenia Research, 195, 80-85.

Can help with: I’m happy to talk to anyone about anything they think I might be able to help with. I have wide experience of mental health assessment tools and the at-risk mental state.

What’s essential to your well-being? Work is really important for my well-being. I also enjoy my allotment.

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