Faraz Mughal

Institution: School of Medicine, Keele University, England.

Supervisory team: Professors Carolyn Chew-Graham, Lisa Dikomitis, Gillian Lancaster, and Ellen Townsend.

Position: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Doctoral Fellow.

Current research: I am a general practitioner (GP) and chief investigator of the NIHR funded ‘COPING’ study which aims to co-produce a GP-led psychosocial intervention to reduce repeat self-harm in young people.

Research interests:

  • Self-harm and suicide prevention in primary care
  • Young people’s mental health
  • Primary care mental health
  • Evidence synthesis; qualitative methods; complex interventions; clinical trials

Recent Publications:

  • Mughal F, Troya MI, Dikomitis L, et al (2020). Role of the GP in the management of patients with self-harm behaviour: a systematic review. British Journal of General Practice; 70(694):e364-e373
  • Mughal F, Troya MI, Townsend E, et al (2019). Supporting young people with self-harm behaviour in primary care. Lancet Psychiatry; 6(9):724
  • Mughal F, Babatunde O, Dikomitis L, et al (2019). Self-harm in young people: the exceptional potential of the general practice consultation. British Journal of General Practice; 69(681):168-169

Can help with: Providing clinical expertise to self-harm and suicide research in clinical settings and supporting systematic reviews and qualitative studies.

What’s essential to your well-being? I aim to achieve balance in both my work and home life – which does require flexibility. I enjoy exercise, reading, time with family, and being outdoors.

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