Leanne Cook

Institution: Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust / University of Manchester, England.

Supervisory team: Dr Sarah Peters, Yvonne Awenat, Prof Gillian Haddock and Dr Trish Gooding.

Position: Research Assistant

Current research:

I’m currently working on the CARMS Project (Cognitive AppRoaches to CoMbatting Suicidatilty) which explores the efficacy of a new psychological therapy for people who experience or have experienced psychosis and suicidal thoughts or feelings. The therapy aims to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

I work on multiple qualitative projects looking at the implementation of this new therapy, feedback on the therapy and the mechanisms associated with suicide. Alongside this I am also looking at people’s experiences of taking part in suicide related research.

Research interests:

  • Efficacy of current mental health services in relation to suicide
  • People’s experiences of taking part in suicide related research
  • The language used both inside and outside of healthcare to talk about suicide.
  • The development and use of qualitative methods in suicide research

Can help with: Most things qualitative, reminders to be kind to yourself, plant-related advice.

What’s essential to your well-being? A big sleep, good food, kind people, skincare!  I’m also a florist so often find myself stood amongst big piles of flowers at the weekend – which helps.

Find Leanne elsewhere:

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