Hilary Causer

Institution: School of Allied Health and Community, University of Worcester, England

Supervisory team: Professor Eleanor Bradley, Professor Jo Smith and Doctor Kate Muse.

Position: PhD Candidate.

Current research: I am exploring the impact of student suicide on staff members in UK Higher Education Institutions. My PhD is one of two studies that together explore prevention, response and postvention within UK Higher Education Institutions.

Research interests:

  • Postvention as prevention (of complex trauma; mental ill-health; suicidal ideation and behaviour)
  • Student mental health and wellbeing
  • Impacts of suicide on wider networks
  • Experiences of potentially traumatising events within workplaces; individual, organisational and cultural responses.
  • Lived experience / participants voice.

Recent publications:

  • Causer, H., Muse, K., Smith, J., & Bradley, E. (2019). What is the experience of practitioners in health, education, or social care roles following a death by suicide: A qualitative research synthesis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 16(18). 3293.
  • Villa, D., Causer, H., & Riley, Gerard, A. (2020). Experiences that challenge self-identity following traumatic brain injury: a meta-synthesis of qualitative research. Disability and Rehabilitation.

Can help with: Listening/counselling skills; qualitative research; currently undertaking a qualitative research synthesis; anything related to being a mature student – unconventional routes into academia – bringing practice experience into research and the academy; reflexive practice; safeguarding and risk assessment for ethics applications/lone working; self-care.

What’s essential to your well-being?  Clear work/life boundaries & switching off; peer networks and peer support; working away from the screen; challenge and kindness; music; walking and wide open spaces; nature; silence; photography; fiction, film & art; laughter.

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