Heather Sutherland

Institution: Newcastle University.

Supervisory team: Dr Cathrine Degnen (Newcastle University); Dr Suzanne Moffatt (Newcastle University); Dr Tom Widger (Durham University).

Position: Doctoral Student.

Current research: Brothers and Sisters: Exploring the self-reported experiences and effects of losing a sibling to suicide in adult life.

Research interests: Suicide bereavement (specifically from sibling perspectives); Qualitative research and research methods (including researcher positioning and reflexivity in research); Motherhood and bereavement.

Recent Publications:

Can help with: Suicide bereavement resources; ‘Lived experience’ and the researcher; Qualitative research methods (especially archival research and interviewing); Media History; BBC History; Comedy and Light Entertainment production studies.

What’s essential to your well-being? Swimming and running; Spending time with family and good friends, (and dogs!); And, of course, chocolate and Costa/Café Nero.

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