Helen Fay

Institution: Population Health Sciences/Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol, UK.

Supervisory team: Dr Lucy Biddle; Professor Ian Penton-Voak; Professor David Gunnell; Professor Marcus Munafo; Professor Paul Moran.

Position: PhD Student.

Current research: The impact of media portrayals of suicide on choice of suicide methods and transitions to high lethality methods.

Research interests: Suicide and the media; media reporting guidelines; Papageno (protective) effects of the media; cognitive availability of suicide methods; experimental methodology; and implicit measures of suicidal cognitions.

Can help with: Navigating the minefield of using mixed methods, including some useful resources for mixed methods systematic reviews. More to come… (hopefully!).

What’s essential to your well-being? Any form of sport or exercise (particularly those that scare me); time spent outdoors; travel; and good food with friends.

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