Matthew Horrocks

Institution:  University of Nottingham, UK (CLAHRC East Midlands Enhancing Mental Health Theme and School of Health Sciences)

Supervisory team: Dr Aimee Aubeeluck, Dr Maria Michail and Professor Patrick Callaghan

Position: PhD student

Current research: I am seeking to design the content for an electronic clinical decision support system (e-CDSS), a piece of software available to General Practitioners (GPs) during a primary care consultation to assist with their identification, , assessment and management of potential suicide risk amongst people accessing their service.  The tool will seek to improve GP clinical decision making in this area. My PhD research uses a mixed methods design, consisting of individual interviews, facilitating a service user advisory group, co-production methodology and evaluating the prototype e-CDSS in one GP practice.

Research interests:

  • Clinical decision making in the context of perceived suicide risk in primary-care
  • Cultural/interpersonal determinants of mental health status
  • Socially constructed elements of living with a long-term health condition,
  • Practitioner-client views of psychotherapy outcome.

Can help with: Always happy to hear about other people’s life and research experiences. I can also provide a perspective on psychological therapies for depression and anxiety related problems.

What’s essential to your well-being:
Outside of work: my son, my partner, and laughing as much as possible.
In work: coffee breaks (!), intellectual stimulation and growth, having a wonderful group of colleagues and friends who can be there for me when I need to off-load about the stress of PhDing, including all of you in NetECR.

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