Eleanor Chatburn

Institution: 1) Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Somerset and Taunton NHS Foundation Trust and University of Bath; 2) Visiting Researcher, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

Supervisory team: Dr Bergljot Gjelsvik and Prof Keith Hawton

Current research: I am involved with the Mindlock Project at the University of Oxford, where I am investigating the psychology of suicidal imagery, with particular attention to clinical implications and possibilities for negotiating urges.

Research interests:

  • Mechanisms underlying the translation from suicidal urges to acts
  • Education and training for healthcare professionals about suicide and self-harm
  • Quality improvement approaches in mental healthcare
  • Philosophical understandings of health and illness

Can help with:  I would be happy to talk with others who are interested in clinical psychology training or looking to discuss potential clinical applications of their research.

What’s essential to your well-being?: Mindfulness meditation, hot chocolate, true crime podcasts, and lots of outdoor walks.

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